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Garry Gribble Running Sports 

We remember Lion Russ Willis who passed away on 12-29-14.

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July 2017-June 2018 Vision Assistant Report

  • 10 referrals from Vision Screenings
  • 12 Exams Provided
  • 40 Pairs of Glasses Purchased

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Journey for Sight is at the Combat Air Museum at Forbes Field, Topeka. The course, established by the Combat Air Museum, is certified by U.S. Track and Field. We are grateful to the Combat Air Museum for their sponsorship of the Journey for Sight. Runners and Walkers may register for the Journey for Sight online at or pick up a form at Garry Gribbles Running Sports at 21st Street and Wanamaker, next to Target in Topeka, KS or send an e-mail request to Contributions to the Topeka Lions Foundation are accepted whether you participate as a runner or walker or just want to help financially.

 Service club provides eyeglasses for those in need. Please support the Journey for Sight
10K/5K Run and 5K Walk
There are many people in the Topeka area who simply cannot afford eyeglasses they desperately need. The Topeka Lions Club serves the community by purchasing eyeglasses for those who qualify. Since 1929 the Topeka Lions proudly serves the Topeka community with sight-related services which are made possible by fundraising efforts.

 On average the club receives about 12 requests per month for assistance for eyeglasses. Requests come from families with young children and/or adults including individuals from the Topeka Rescue Mission.

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